12 Thoughts for the 12 Months of 2014 - Maintaining Your Life BALANCE

In my latest book, BALANCE: The Business-Life Connection, I share several decades of entrepreneurial effort by our business teams and me as we searched, researched, struggled and strove for the most effective means to achieve and maintain simultaneous success in both our personal and professional lives as we built world-class businesses. Not an easy task, but more worthwhile than I could ever describe in writing!

As my New Year’s wish to you for health, happiness and success during 2014 and beyond, I share a distillation of 12 thoughts that follow from the detailed discussion of a proven means to gratitude and fulfillment as presented in BALANCE. I urge you to think about them, one at a time. Let them simmer in your consciousness, asking, “What does this mean for me?” You may not have the answer immediately, but in a brief time and during quiet contemplation, you will move into the answer.

  1. It is significantly more rewarding—financially, emotionally and spiritually—to serve than to be served.
  2. Those whom we can and should most readily serve are always closest to us—our spouse, children and friends. And yet, we often look outside to seek a more “significant impact.” We do this to satisfy the callings of our ego.
  3. Deeply connecting with your consciousness through quiet meditation and asking “Who am I and why am I here?” will reveal who you truly are and what you are truly good at.
  4. Connecting what you are good at with a need in the world that you deem worthwhile will uncover your Life Purpose. Finding your Life Purpose can occur at any age, no matter how old you are, or how impossible you believe the task will be. Multibillionaire Ray Croc found his Life Purpose at age 52 after 30 years of work at jobs he didn’t enjoy. He founded the McDonalds franchise.
  5. You know you are not on your right Life Path, if you find yourself saying, “Someday, I’ll,” “When I get enough money or time, I’ll,” or “I should have,” “I could have,” “I would have.”
  6. Following your Life Purpose creates great levels of Passion as you progress in your journey.
  7. Passion that is created when you know your Life Purpose will allow you to succeed against all odds. Often, in looking back, you not only wonder how you did it, but would you ever do it again if you knew what you know now? You can never know the answer to this question.
  8. Once you know your Life Purpose, to find long-term fulfillment, you must create a Life Plan, usually a rolling 3-year plan that is based on your truthful Life Values—how you want to live your life. Your Values-Based Life Plan is a powerful tool for keeping you on track during the chaos that often occurs in a busy life.
  9. If you have found your Life Purpose, you don’t have to be stressed about “achieving success” as soon as possible. Then, you are equating success with money and position [power]. There is nothing wrong with money and position, but they are meaningless without a third leg to the proverbial stool—SERVICE.
  10. Gratitude, which is the basis for long-term fulfillment in business, comes from pursuing your Life Purpose, making a positive difference in the world based on your Passion and receiving a return—financial, emotional, and spiritual. When you are receiving a return, you enjoy the journey, even if it has bumps along the way, and so “getting there” is never an issue.
  11. In business, it is nearly impossible to find a “partner for all seasons,” someone who shares your Life Values. For every 100 people, there will usually be only one viable candidate. He or she is invaluable for a lifetime of learning, sharing and navigating the challenging road of personal and professional purpose. It is a waste of time and effort to settle for anyone less.
  12. Life is all about sharing LOVE (compassion, understanding, service) in everything you do. It is truly the most powerful force in the universe. There is a constant struggle with the ego which wants everything for “me, me, and me.” This struggle becomes easier with time as we receive a return for our earnest efforts to provide Service.