HuffPost: Climate Change Advocate Goes Rogue!

"The idea that the growing demand for energy worldwide can be met with energy from nuclear power is nonsense."
-- Sigmar Gabriel, former German environmental minister

Dr. James Hansen, a leading world expert on climate change, has been my hero for more than a decade. But he now has brought me great disappointment. On Nov. 3, 2013, Dr. Hansen decided to support the construction of large numbers of nuclear plants as a way to save the day for climate change.

Dr. Hansen, what in the world were you thinking?

I applaud the work Dr. Hansen has done over the decades. He was the man who rang the wake-up call before Congress concerning the threat of global warming, and he has dedicated his life to educating the public and looking for safe, viable and sustainable solutions.

Subsequent to my study of this issue in depth, the results were published with my co-researchers/co-authors, Professor Jerry B. Brown and Rinaldo S. Brutoco, J.D., in our book Freedom From Mid-East Oil.

Why, then, do I believe that Dr. Hansen is categorically wrong in his views on nuclear power?

His reference to a "new and safer" technology refers to breeder nuclear power. This technology has been...(read more at HuffPost)