Water: Now Ranked at the Top of Corporate Concerns

The World Business Academy [www.worldbusiness.org] tells me that water has moved to the top of corporate concerns, boosted by the fact that the World Economic Forum has classified water scarcity as among the top five global risks. Major companies, funds and banks are driving improved water management using new tools like the Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas and True Cost of Water.

Not many people realize how critical an issue this is, and that much of it is a product of global climate change. It is particularly a problem brewing in China and India. For example, the Gangotri glacier, which provides up to 70 percent of the water of the Ganges during the dry summer months, is shrinking at a rate of 40 yards per year—nearly twice as fast as it was 20 years ago.  When will our governments and corporations wake up to the reality of climate change?